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Welcome to Mind Body Therapy!
We Are A Unique Group Of 
Professionally Trained Mental Health Experts.

Who We Are

About Us

At Mind Body Therapy, we believe in providing you the highest quality care. Each of our therapists offers a different area of specialization so that we can meet your unique needs. What all our therapists have in common is a warm and personable presence, an open mind, and the desire to see you thrive.

We work with anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, children & adolescents, sex addiction, partner betrayal trauma, and couples counseling.

Finding the right support is far from simple. We'd be thrilled if we can be the right fit for you, so please take a look at our team and our services and reach out with any inquiries. 

Beautiful Nature
"In practical psychology there are no universally valid recipes and rules. There are only individual cases."
-Carl Jung-

Our Services

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Sex Addiction & Betrayal Trauma
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Children and Adolescents
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Eating Disorders
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Couples Therapy
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Trauma, EMDR, and Somatic Therapy
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Intensive Outpatient Program
Other Therapy Services

Perhaps you don't fall into any of the above categories. But you're feeling down, anxious, overthinking, stuck, or not even sure what you're feeling. Please reach out and we can try to figure out what might be going on for you.

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We Live To Motivate !


We Speak On Different Major Topics!

Psychology & Spirituality
Child Abuse Prevention
Addiction, Eating Disorders, & Trauma
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What Clients Say

United States
Mental Health Experts

Over the years, I've tried nearly a dozen therapists. Meeting with Yakov was different than any of them. I could never get anything past him and he always seemed to understand what was going on for me in a way that no one else did. From my work with Yakov, I am finally now able to trust myself and feel connected to my body in a way that I never was before.


I am so grateful to Mordecai for creating a safe space for my son. My son really enjoys meeting with him and has been doing so much better since they started meeting.


Etty clearly has an expert grasp on the nature of eating disorders. She had a wealth of knowledge and experience that I benefited from. I'm very happy

I met with her.


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