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Public Speaking, Presentations, and Trainings

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Psychology & Spirituality

Psychology, philosophy, and spirituality are all important parts of living a healthy and fulfilling life. Yakov and Mordecai have spent the last number of years studying the relationship between these three disciplines and how they interact with one another. In our own ways, we are each passionate about creating dialogue between these deeply interrelated areas.

Both Yakov and Mordecai teach courses, offer lectures, and visit as scholar-in-residence to discuss the interplay between these important disciplines.

Child Abuse Prevention

Child abuse is a lot more common than we'd like to think. But there's a lot we can to to prevent it. Yakov speaks to parents, professionals, youth-leaders, schools, camps, and religious institutions about how to create safety, boundaries, and open communications in both proactive prevention and reactive intervention situations.

Eating Disorders,

& Trauma

As the widespread nature of addiction, eating disorders, and trauma slowly move out of the shadows, more and more, people are seeking education for both prevention and intervention. All our therapists offer trainings and talks on these and related topics.

Mental Health Experts

Invite Us For Speaking

We offer presentations, trainings, and seminars
to kids, teens, and adults.
Sex Addiction & Betrayal Trauma
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